About Ekendra dasa

Ekendra seems to be perpetually frustrated no matter where he goes. He writes songs about his frustration. Early in life, his intense frustration with the status quo led him on a journey to find ultimate meaning. This isn’t easy in America.

His initial travels led him to New York City, San Francisco, then Chicago. Disappointingly, the closest thing he found to “absolute conviction” was the worship of Giants, ‘Niners and Bears.

A twist of fate led Ekendra on what has become a life-altering research project–into the inspirational teachings of the Bhagavad-gita, of all things. The Gita, as far as Ekendra is concerned, is as close to a perfect guidebook as can be for understanding life, the universe, and everything. Way, way better, even, than the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Early on in his research project, he happened to join a like-minded group of musicians and traveling brahmacari monks, who called themselves “Shelter.” He helped with the drumming, driving, and cooking for a few years, but even now he’s still recovering from the touring schedule and outrageous decibel levels at their shows.

His first solo CD, “God Project,” by Ekendra dasa and the Planet Cow Orchestra, was voted one of the top Do It Yourself albums of 1999 by Performing songwriter magazine, and sold well into the hundreds.

His second album, “200 Proof Absolute Truth,” was heard, in part, on National Public Radio’s automotive repair call-in comedy show, “Car Talk.”

His new CD, “Car toons,” is a collection of songs about how difficult it is to be a spiritual seeker while living in the United States of America, and contains many references to the operation of certain types of motor vehicles.

He now lives near Gainesville, Florida–home to thousands of pure devotees of the University of Florida Gators.

For more information, go to ekendradasa.com.


2 responses to “About Ekendra dasa

  1. I just love your writing. All of it!!! How can I buy all your cd’s?

  2. Pancha Tattva dasa

    Well, it’s always important to stay in the association of pure devotees!

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