Monthly Archives: September 2010

Now You’re In Trouble has Moved! Details below:

In case you haven’t been following all the thunderous tweeting and other assorted frenzied text messaging hubbub surrounding this latest Hot Internet Newsworthy Item, Ekendra dasa has relocated his wildly popular blog, “Now You’re In Trouble” to a different URL, which is simply “”

Those who have been faithfully and breathlessly following the incalculably valuable inner life revelations of Ekendra dasa will now be able to continue to do so MINUS all the un-asked-for, un-welcome, un-helpful, and otherwise incomprehensible “improvements” which has recently “improved” its “free” blogs with, such as posting graphic links to videos which have dust to do with the blog page they appear on, and “conveniently” removing such archaic and clunky features from their blogs, such as “Archive Lists,” which used to serve the dubious function of directing readers to other posts on the blog they’re actually visiting.

So, once again, to continue following the life-enhancing mental exploits of Ekendra dasa, all ye need do is go here, and subscribe right away, and invite those you love to do the same.